About the Author of Church Doctrines: Right or Wrong? (You Decide)
The picture to the right is Ken and his wife Mary Lou. They were married October 1, 1960, and started their family.

In Minnesota Ken was involved in church leadership, Bible teaching, publisher/editor of a monthly Christian journal, and ran a computer BBS dealing with various religious topics before the time of the Internet.

With all the information available on the Internet today, one can be overwhelmed and be led astray as to what the Bible has to say on any topic. While there is a tremendous amount of excellent information out there in the ether, there are not all that many adherents who seek to keep Biblical teachings in Biblical words-even though translated into our English language. Anyone who seeks to inform others on what the Bible has to say is often confronted by those who twist what is said into meaning something other than what is actually said. This is not new, by any means. Look at what God said in Genesis 2:16 - 17 and how Satan questioned it in Genesis 3:1 - 5, which deceived Eve! This same thing is done today. So, do not be afraid to check up on what is being told you-even by me!

On this site you will find many articles pertaining to topics found in the Bible. These will be added to as they are written. Curtis Dickinson's articles are timely, and are the result of much study over the years he was an Evangelical preacher. My articles are likewise the results of over 35 years of study, and are still being studied. Many have commented on the topics presented and have begun to study them for themselves to understand them better. If any of these articles have caused you to re-examine your beliefs, or even to think upon them, my mission has been accomplished. What I say is not the final word on what any topic concludes, but is published to stimulate others to check up on what is said and to question it by their own studies.

Many users have registered, and they are from many nations: China, Poland, Russia, Samoa, Cocos Island, European Union nations, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom, Moldova, Cameroon, Ukraine, Ellice Island (Tavala), Romania, Israel, Western Samoa, Australia and South Africa. We welcome all of them as they seek to learn about the Lord and his salvation.

May God bless you in your growth into the knowledge of our Great God and Savior.

Your servant, Ken Fortier