Site Policies

Privacy Policy

Ken Fortier Ministries will use reasonable efforts to exclude personally identifiable information it receives through Emails from discussions it posts on the site; however, users are advised to avoid inclusion of any such information in messages which they submit for posting. If information is to be posted on the site, it should be considered publicly accessible.

This site will absolutely not disclose to third parties information it receives that is not posted on the site unless:

1) required by law,
2) the user consents (although the user's consent does not require this Web site to reveal the information),
3) the disclosure is necessary to protect the health or safety of the user or other persons, or reasonably suspects illegal activity.

Ownership of Information.


This Web site shall own all information on the site, including without limitation information submitted to the site by you. Ken Fortier Ministries may in its sole discretion edit or elect not to post articles or messages sent by you, and may use such articles or messages sent by you for any purpose within the bounds of the Privacy Policy. You have permission to use the information on the site for private use and also to share it with others. You hereby represent that at the time you submit any message or other content to Ken Fortier Ministries, you have the right to submit such message or other content without violation of any rights of privacy or publicity, copyrights, or other third party rights of any nature.


To submit questions, comments, or articles written by you, you must be registered as a user of this Web site.

 1) Use your real name and Email address-it will remain private and not be given out to anyone, period. If you submit a question or comment, only your first name,  city and state will be mentioned in any online response in the topic area.

 2) If you submit an article to be posted in the article area it must be written by you and conform to the Ownership of Information section above. If you include quotes within the article from outside sources, we insist that you acknowledge the source, either before or after the quote, or in a footnote following the article. All articles submitted are to be understood by you, the author, to allow readers to copy and distribute it to others without any other permission needed.
 3) Keep all communications clean. We reserve the right to reject any article, comment or question that does not conform to Christian morals, which includes unseemly language, derogatory remarks, or ad hominem attacks appealing to prejudice and emotion rather than to reason.


 The articles appearing on Ken Fortier Ministries Web Site may be copied freely for wider distribution, providing that the copyright notice remains attached to the article.

 We extend freedom of expression to writers submitting articles, requesting always that their views be consistent with the clear teachings of the inspired Word of God and expressed in Christian charity. The views of submitted articles approved for posting herein are not necessarily those of this ministry - for we consider that alternative views, Biblically sound, may be just as valid as the ones agreeing with our views.

 This Web site's articles are published in accordance with the views of a Fellowship of believers who are a part of an international, world-wide movement of Christians within the evangelical community who believe that immortality is inherent in God alone. As Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, we fully believe, has brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel. Believers, now being mortal by nature, receive immortality from Jesus the Christ of God as a gift to be received at the resurrection of the last day.