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The purpose of these articles, both here and on the Curtis Dickinson page, are put forth for you to examine things that are seldom thought of, much less taught by most Churches. Many are controversial in nature, but have behind them the thoughts of millions and millions of Christians all over the world.

If you learn anything from them, we would appreciate hearing from you; for you are the critic of what is said in these articles, and we would like your opinions on them. If you find we are wrong in any of them, we would never know it unless it is pointed out to us - and then we will take steps, if proven wrong, to correct our thinking.  Just send us an E-mail message ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will answer ASAP. May God bless you in growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ of God.

An interesting book that you may want to read is "Conditional Immortality" in PDF format; it is FREE and about 56 pages long. Just "Right Click" HERE with your mouse and "Save Target as": it will be downloaded to your computer.

Another very interesting book is "Hell-Know". It is FREE in PDF format and is 152 pages long. Just "Right Click" HERE with your mouse and "Save Target as": it will be downloaded to your computer.

Again, a very interesting book is "Hell: Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?" Just "Right Click" HERE with you mouse and you will be directed to the Web Site where you can read it.

There is an article that is well written on "Lazarus and the Rich Man" that you can read HERE. Just "Click" HERE and you will be directed to the Web Site where you can read it.

If you are interested in Religious Debates, be sure to read the "Al Maxey/Thomas Thrasher Debate" - it is around 210 pages long in HTML format. Click HERE to access it.

Updated March 6, 2021

Newest addition:  A Look at the Trinity Doctrine. This is a controversial topic, to say the least. We are looking for input, pro or con, on this topic. We appreciate all comments, and ask you to read and then email us with your comments. We will respond ASAP to all emails.

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A Look At The Possibility That Christian Teachings Have Erred On Human Destiny

A Look at the Spirit of Man and the Spirit of God (And how they work in man)"

A Loving Challenge To The Evangelical Church

A Preliminary Study of the Greek Words updated

A Preliminary Study On The Biblical Meaning of Soul

A Quick Little Lesson

An Explanation (Part One)

An Explanation (Part Two)

An Explanation (Part Three)

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Philosophy - The Bane Of Christianity

Plato's Phaedo

Powerful Word Of God

Reasons Conditional Immortality Is Scriptural

Resurrection of the Dead: The Hated Doctrine

Resurrection Truth

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The Gospel To The Dead

The Message of Self-Denial

The Power Of The Good News

The Rich Man and Lazarus (Part Two)

The Tie That Binds The Church

Augustine's, The City of God, Book Eight

Augustine's, The City of God, Book Twenty-One

The Creator

The Great Commission

The Old Testament and Sin (Part One)

The Old Testament and Sin (Part Two)

The Simple Truth Of Immortality

The Wedding Banquet

This Is My Story

Three Types of Death"

Was Paul Taken For a Ride?"

What Is A Christian?

What Is the Sin Against the Spirit?

Where Are The Righteous Dead?

Why Should Catholics Read The Bible?